Andrew Kwan

Founder and Education Director

BA in Economics (Harvard)
MS in Computer Science and MS in Management Science & Engineering (Stanford)
Phillips Exeter Academy and SPCC

Andrew founded Outwhiz after hearing his nephews complain about math worksheets from a traditional supplemental program. So he set out on a mission to create a math practice program that both students and parents will love.

He is a pioneer in applying technology to improve education. In addition to Outwhiz, he founded Edore, an open, online education platform to help students connect learning with their real lives and interests.

Previously, he was in charge of software performance at Yahoo's homepage and built various software systems at SugarSync.

Michael Luk

Co-Founder and Technology Director

Michael is a high school dropout and self-taught technologist. Before Outwhiz, he founded his own outsourcing firm for mobile apps development.

First as a dropout and later as a self-taught technologist, Michael understands what it means to lack motivation and what it means to be motivated. Early on, he experienced the power of self-paced, online learning when he taught himself Objective C, the programming language for iOS apps.

Michael's belief is that an academic program for the Internet age should include tools to motivate students, and that different students require different motivational approaches at different times.