How much does Outwhiz cost?

Students and parents can sign up for Free. Students can practice as many Math and English problems as they like for Free.

For parents who want deeper insights into their child's learning, paid monthly subscriptions are available.

What are points and coins?

Each reward needs both points and coins.

Points come from students doing Math and English.

Coins can come from parents and family when they see students do well at Math and English. Coins can also come from our scholarship fund.

As a student, how do I get coins?

You can ask your parents for a paid subscription. Make sure you have started practicing Math and English, so they can see how Outwhiz helps academically.

You can also invite your friends and extended family to support you. Your supporters can buy coins in different amounts.

As a parent or supporter, how do I buy coins?

Parents can purchase a monthly paid subscription for insights and coins. After linking with child accounts, a parent can select to upgrade.

Both parents and supporters can support students by making one-off coin purchases.

What is the scholarship fund about?

From time to time, we will select student scholars based on criteria such as number of Math and English points earned. Student scholars would be eligible for rewards.

What about mobile apps?

Get the app, too:

The mobile apps will complement this website, so that students and parents can use Outwhiz across multiple devices seamlessly.